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About Chef Nate Brown

Chef Nate Brown is a self-described food enthusiast and celebrity chef who provides a unique and flavorful culinary experience to his private clientele. He was influenced by Chef G. Garvin and graduated from The Art Institute of Michigan. Nate began his career by providing cooking demonstrations at the Flint Farmers Market. He then created a cooking show on Flint’s Channel 17 and eventually had his own TV show on NBC 25 Fox 66 called “Chopping it up with Chef Nate Brown”.

Over the past 20 years, Chef Nate has had a remarkable career, preparing mouthwatering creations for VIP guests across the country. As the Sous Chef at the Henry Ford Museum, Nate collaborated with world-renowned chef Wolfgang Puck and his team to prepare a delectable meal for celebrities such as Halle Berry and Steven Spielberg, honoring William Ford Jr. He later became an Executive Sous Chef with “Thee Main Ingredient”, where he provided private dining experiences for Kanye West during the “DONDA” album release events. His execution was deemed successful, and he was hired full-time to collaborate with a team of professional chefs to prepare food for all of Kanye’s major events, including listening parties, food projects, and tours.

In 2022, Chef Nate founded the “Taste of 810”, Flint, Michigan’s only taste festival, where he highlights local restaurants, creatives, culinary artists, culture, and fashion. More recently, Chef Nate has had the privilege to cross over into the political world, cooking for notable clients, including Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II, Senator John Cherry, and others.

Chef Nate's focus on improving his own mental and overall health has inspired him to focus on healthy cooking and food programs that teach youth about healthier lifestyles through gardening, healthy eating, and exercise. In partnership with D.R.E.A.M.S (Developing Respectful Educated Aspiring Minds with Sports), he has been able to start two urban gardens and one aquaponic garden while also facilitating cooking classes and demos with the Food Bank of Eastern MI.

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